The Danish Biobank Register

The Danish Biobank Register gives researchers online access to combined data from all the biobanks participating in the Danish National Biobank initiative.

Through national collaboration large biobanks, based at hospitals, universities and other research institutions in Denmark, regularly submit data to the Danish Biobank Register. Data from the biobanks are linked to disease codes and demographic information from national administrative registries on an individual level.


The Coordinating Centre

Danish National Biobank

Statens Serum Institut

Tel: 3268 9163 / 3268 5199

Danish Biobank Register

24.5 M samples from 5.7 M individuals

The Danish Blood Donor Study



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Aggregated results about the available biological material is displayed to researchers around the world through a web-based search system, that so far contains information about 24.5 million biological samples from 5.7 million Danes. The following biobanks are available through the Danish Biobank Register:

  • The Danish National Biobank samples from the Danish National Birth Cohort (>600,000 samples), PKU cards:  blood spots from all newborn Danes since 1982 (>2 million samples) and SSI historical collections (>4 million samples)
  • The DNA biobank at Rigshospitalet (50,000 samples collected annually)
  • The Danish Cancer Society project Diet, Cancer and Health (samples from 57,000 cohort participants)
  • The Danish Patobank (17 million tissue samples from national hospitals)
  • COPSAC studies involving children with asthma
  • DD2 type 2 diabetes research
  • The Danish Blood Donor Study research on why blood donors are more healthy than the average population
  • Danish Cancer Biobank blood and tissue samples from Danish cancer patients

And can be linked to information from:

  • The Danish Civil Registration System includes individual information such as gender, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, identity of parents, place of residence.
  • The Danish National Patient Register includes information on all hospital contacts, department, date and time of arrival and departure, treatment, and operation.
  • The Danish Pathology Register contains information on all pathological examinations carried out in Denmark, investigating pathology department or practicing pathologist, type of investigation, gross description, microscopy description, conclusion and/or diagnoses, and coded diagnoses based on the Danish SNOMED

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